Reveals Low Temperature Splinting Materials
are available in three degrees of pliability, smooth and perforated, and with or without a non-stick surface treatment.

ClikStrips  for
Static Progressive Splinting

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WFR Corporation announced its reentry into the therapy market for splinting materials on March 15, 1999. With a new line of Reveals™ Thermoplastics, the company has targeted the needs of hand therapists with conveniently sized splint blanks priced competitively with full sheets.

When WFR/Aquaplast Corp. sold the Aquaplast trademark to Smith & Nephew Rolyan in 1992, it agreed to exit the therapy market for a period of seven years. To avoid confusion with the Smith & Nephew Aquaplast trademark, the original corporate name WFR Corporation will now be used for marketing Reveals Thermoplastics and other rehab products.

Many imitators have sprung up in response to the growing interest in thermoplastic splinting materials which are transparent when soft and possess elastic memory. Simple to produce at first glance, there are many subtle nuances in the manufacture which can affect the molding properties. WFR Corporation's 25 years of production experience is unsurpassed by any other supplier, giving the company a decided advantage in producing a uniform, consistent product from batch to batch.

Free samples and product literature are available upon request. To request a Reveals sample packet, please send us an e-mail, write to us at: WFR Corporation, 30 Lawlins Park, Wyckoff, NJ 07446 or call 800-526-5247.

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