Vazquez Inelastic Mobilization System

Features and Benefits

ClikStrips™ are the only static-progressive splinting component available today that has measurable isometric settings
bullet Calibrated with 18 distinct incremental adjustments per inch (7 per cm)
bullet 16mm long and just .7mm wide, the ClikStrips™ Strip has a series of ridged stops (settings) at 1.4166mm intervals
bullet Easily monitor and document progress by marking indentations of ridged stops with progress marks.
Low-profile, streamlined design makes for easy mounting on most splint designs
bullet Small footprint of lockclip easily attaches to splint base with liquid adhesive and a small thermoplastic mounting square.
ClikStrips™ are strong and durable--and consistently provide the desired set amount of tension
bullet Unlike dynamic components, ClikStrips™ will not stretch and are not affected by hysteresis or creep
bullet 50 lb locking test assures reliability of static mobilization
Isometric traction is easy to adjust or release
bullet Firmly pull the tab on the ClikStrips™ Strip to increase tension--an audible click indicates that the next setting has been reached.
bullet To release tension, just squeeze the uprights on the lockclip together.

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