Vazquez Inelastic Mobilization System

The Cobra Kit  

This kit contains everything needed to make one MP flexion Inelastic Mobilization Splint.


   1).  Reveals precut splint base
   2).  Pre-molded Cobra Outrigger
   3).  ClikStrips Inelastic Mobilization
                Splinting Component   
   4).  Fabriplast finger sling
   5).  Monofilament
   6).  Line crimps



1).  Mold Reveals splint base.  This circumferential splint is designed to fit most hands with only minor trimming.  The dorsal side of the splint features a sliding closure.  Mark desired location for Cobra Outrigger and ClikStrips Lockclip on palmer surface.  Remove surface coating from splint with either splint solvent or sand paper.  Using UltraTorch® or heat gun, dry heat the bottom of the Cobra outrigger, the thermoplastic mounded to the Lockclip, and the corresponding locations on the Reveals splint base.  Adhere to splint.  Make sure the larger side of the ClikStrips Lockclip and the head of the Cobra outrigger faces fingers. Massage to create a secure bond.


2).  Mold Fabriplast finger-sling to affected finger.  Attach monofilament from finger-sling to hole in head of Cobra using supplied line crimp.  Attach monofilament from hood of Cobra to hole in ClikStrips Strip.  Adjust as necessary.  Feed strip through Lockclip.  Incremental adjustments are indicated by an audible click.  Pinch ClikStrips™ Lock to release traction.

  Self adjusts to maintain a 9 degree angle pull.
Part number WF-2003  $12.95 each kit •  technique developed by a hand therapist - Nelson Vazquez, OTR/L, CHT


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